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IFR 91.411 Pitot-Static Certification, 91.413 Transponder certification

We are FAA certified to perform the required 24 month certification of your transponder and pitot-static system for IFR flight.  Our capability includes single and multi-engine aircraft up to 12,500 lbs. gross.  The testing equipment that we use is suitable for non-rvsm aircraft below 35,000 ft.  

Semiplane does perform mobile inspections and with prior arrangement we can travel to your airport.  We primarlily serve Bourland Field (50F),  Parker County (WEA), Grandbury (GDJ) and Cleburne (CPT)

Inspections can also be performed on our ramp at 50F

call 281-723-6249 to schedule your needs.

Inspection Services Pricing

transponder only cert             $120.00

(required for VFR)

transponder only cert with      $250.00

data correspondence 

(required when transponder

or altitude encoder have been changed)

IFR certification single             $325.00


additional altimeter cert.         +$50.00

pressurized aircraft and/or dual static systems will incur additional charges

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