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The Design Process

At Semiplane the design of your new avionics starts with you.  We will listen to your needs and discuss options to meet your goals.  A written quote will list all equipment to be installed and removed.  We will discuss how the new avionics will be integrated into your current instrument panel.  For more complex installations requiring instruments and radios to be moved around we will develop a "virtual panel" drawing.  You will know before hand what the installation will cost and how it will operate with your existing panel.

In many cases we will be very familiar with the aircraft and avionics to be installed.  However sometimes we will need to research aircraft and/or avionics manufacturers data to be sure that your installation will be able to function as envisioned and is within our capabilities.  This helps us to make a more accurate quote and to meet your expectations.


Once our written quote has been accepted we will schedule work on your aircraft and begin develop schematics, wiring lists, mechanical drawings, 3D models.  Avionics to be installed will either be purchased by Semiplane using our dealer networks or purchased and shipped to us by the customer.

We spend time up front on the job making sure that wiring harnesses will be correct.  All harnesses will be inspected to ensure that they are in conformance with manufacturers data and in house developed schematics, wire lists.

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