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Product Design and more

High Isolation DC power supply.

Compact and lightweight solution to power floated electronics.  Currently tested to 15KV DC isolation.  Higher Standoff available.  Great alternative to bulky, heavy iron cored isolation transformers when running low wattage electronics at a high potential to ground.  Output is regulated 12VDC @ 600mA.  Higher wattage/standoff on request.

Output connectors Kings 10K, other connectors on request.  Powered by standard UL listed power adapter.

Fast Pulse Generator

Based on a Hittite/Analog Devices 10 GHz comparator we have preliminary performance specifications as follows:

minimum pulse width 60 ps

rise time 25 ps

output Nim, simulated fast MCP ion pulse

Third Quarter 2016

XCD2 amp/discriminator

Performance advantage over level crossing discriminators for fast MCP pulses.  More data and specifications coming soon.

XCD (original version)

fast level crossing amplifier discriminator in a compact case.  Available now in new stock or factory reconditioned.

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