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Avionics Installations,

pitot, static and transponder

certification under our FAA Certified Repair


Station  CRS #5P9R650D

Custom panels with 3D CAD Design Tools



Skyview autopilots now approved for autotrim!


Mass Spec XCD Amplifier Discriminator

We are supporting the original XCD at this time for repairs and have new stock for sale

Development on hold for the next gen XCD2 amplifier/discriminator will be optimized for advanced performance Microchannel Plate Detectors.  Preliminary specifications - pulser pair resolution <5nS, Nim output,, analog monitor output. 


High Speed Electronics

High Isolation DC Power Supply

15KV DC isolation to run floated electronics.  12VDC output @ 600mA.

Aviation Electronics

-ultra compact LED landing light

-solid state avionics breaker  bus

-GPS annunciator

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