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ADS-B receiver, new product

My husband and I have been using the Stratux for the past 6 months and we love it. We get much more traffic than our single band Dual ADS-B receiver ever thought about receiving. We also get more stations and faster updates. We took the basic stratux and added heatsinks to the SDR (software defined radios) and Raspberry Pi 3. My husband flies freight in a Caravan and depends on the stratux on a daily basis to supplement the onboard radar. The wifi connection has been very reliable to our tablets. Much less trouble than bluetooth. We also use the stratux in our personal flying. Our favorite tablet is the ASUS Zenpad S 8.0 very fast and smooth operation with great battery life. We are android people so our favorite EFB is naviator which we have been using for years. The stratux also works well with foreflight on an ipad. With the affordability of the stratux, there is no excuse to fly without onboard weather and traffic.

Valerie ATP-CFI, Doug Com-multi-inst.

Happy Flying!

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